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Referral Program Terms and Conditions


Last Update: Mar. 11th, 2024

Welcome to the Referral Program offered by Eliezer Hofstaetter. By participating in the Program, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Program is to show appreciation to my valued clients by offering discounts on their current plans in exchange for referring new clients to me.

2. Referral Process

Clients can refer new clients by directing them to contact me via email at or by scheduling a 15-minute discovery call on my website. In either case, the referred client must mention the name of the referring client to qualify for the Program.


3. Rewards

Referring clients are eligible to receive discounts on their current and active plans ranging from 5% to 10%, depending on their current package and the package chosen by the referred client. The discount will be applied to the referring client's next invoice after the referred client has made a payment and completed at least 30 days of uninterrupted service with me.

4. Eligibility

Any client with an active plan can participate in the Program. An active plan is defined as a plan for which the client has been paying invoices and reviewing/approving posts without interruptions. Interruptions are considered as more than a 3-business-day delay in communication or payment.

5. Prohibited Activities

Participants are prohibited from using the Program to obtain discounts on their plans by referring clients who later request a refund. Discounts will not be applied if the referred client requests a refund of payment.

6. Modification or Termination

I reserve the right to modify or terminate the Program at any time without prior notice. Participants have the right to withdraw from the Program at any time by notifying me in writing.


7. Governing Law

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Brazil.

8. Privacy Policy

Participants' personal information collected in connection with the Program will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which can be found here.

9. Contact Information

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about the Program, please contact me at

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