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Welcome to EH Marketer—where expertise meets innovation in social media marketing. Our team, led by Eliezer Hofstaetter, brings over a decade of specialized experience in elevating small businesses in the digital realm. We're not just marketers; we're your partners in crafting dynamic strategies that build robust brands, enhance online engagement, and target audiences with precision. Explore our comprehensive services and discover the EH Marketer difference.


Our journey through the evolving digital landscape has been marked by continuous learning and a passion for innovation. Each milestone represents not just a point in time but a stepping stone towards a future where we empower more businesses to thrive online.


Our vision extends beyond the current digital trends. We see a future where each brand we partner with becomes a beacon in their field—leveraging the power of social media to create authentic connections.


Looking ahead, EH Marketer is committed to innovation, excellence, and the unwavering support of our clients' growth.


We're excited to explore new frontiers with you, harnessing the full potential of social platforms to achieve your business aspirations.



Being genuine and transparent with all our partners is essential. That's one of the many reasons behind the structure of our process.


We prioritize understanding your audience's needs and perspectives. And we care about their experiences (and yours, as our partner).


We always seek to acquire a deep knowledge of your industry so that we can share valuable insights and advice with your audience.


Teamwork, partnerships, and building relationships are essential to achieve success.


We take responsibility for our actions, hold ourselves accountable to high standards, and always strive for improvement.


Eliezer is SUPER talented. He got to know my line of business really fast and has grown my social media presence steadily and skillfully every week. He is an expert at creating a consistent and engaging brand image and he does so with his solid research methodologies and self-directed learning as opposed to leaning too much on my oversight. This was exactly what I needed: someone I could comfortably give the social media steering wheel to so that I could attend to other aspects of my busy schedule. Thanks Eliezer! -B.T.


This section highlights the educational journey and key certifications that form the backbone of our agency's expertise. Each course and certification has contributed to the rich knowledge base from which we draw to deliver top-tier social media strategies and solutions for our clients.

Launch A Brand-Building Social Media Strategy


How to elevate social media presence using a documented process with the time and resources you already have. Learn to launch a social media strategy to generate more followers, effectively engage with that audience, and drive more conversions.

By Garrett Holmes, DigitalMarketer's Director of Content, responsible for increasing DigitalMarketer's organic reach and consumption through editorial, video, and social media.

Launch a 3-Part Foundational Facebook Funnel


This back-to-basics Facebook campaign workshop will help churn out an evergreen funnel that cuts through the noise and drives results and engagement. Launch a low-cost, low-risk Facebook funnel that will produce measurable results to scale to success.

By Dennis Yu is the Chief Executive Officer of BlitzMetrics. Managing ad campaigns for enterprise clients like The Golden State Warriors, Nike, and Rosetta Stone.

The Viral Funneling Method


How to manufacture virality for your own social media pages. The “viral funneling” strategy helps make the social media algorithms work for you on all the major platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and yes, even TikTok.

By Rachel Miller, creator of multiple viral Facebook pages. Rachel has crafted 29 viral posts that each had more than a million page views. In addition to running her own websites, Rachel has helped over 18,000 marketers and small business owners replicate her success in her paid programs.

Match Your Content Strategy To Your Business Model


All content is not created equal. So when you churn out content that your customers don’t like, ignore entirely, and that doesn’t attract or convert at all… it’s a bummer! Jimmy Daly, Co-Founder and CEO of Superpath, is a master of all things content marketing.

Time-Blocking, Time Management, and How I Get More Done in a Week than Most People Get Done in a Month


DigitalMarketer Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Deiss step-by-step personal systems and processes exactly how he gets more done in a week than most people get done in a month. How to steal back something far more valuable than money: time. Just like we need to budget our money, we also need to budget our time, or it too will be “spent” on things that don’t further our goals.

The Viral Impact Formula: A 3 Step Strategy for Growing Profitable Audiences for Social Media


Katya Varbanova, Founder of 20K Nation, 3 step strategy for growing a profitable social media audience and having your message go viral.

How DigitalMarketer’s Instagram Grew from 15k to 80k Followers in Less than a Year


DM’s Social Media Manager, Shannon Goodell, exact  strategy how she optimized DM's Instagram and grew it to over 80,000 followers—a 433.3% increase—within a year! Methods for increasing reach on Instagram and understand how to measure success (hint: it’s not followers).

Fill Your Funnel


Training/walkthrough for paid traffic. Paid traffic is an essential lever to pull when filling up your funnel to grow your business. How to think (and talk) about paid traffic, the differences between the types of traffic to buy, how to write ad copy that converts, and how (and WHY) to diversify your traffic spend off Facebook.

By DigitalMarketer

The Content Booster


Do you understand how important it is to have a content marketing plan? Providing value upfront to your prospect or customers not only turns strangers into raving fans, but it gains you an audience. When you put out amazing content, you grow an audience. And that audience will be hungry for all the content you put out, as long as it’s VALUABLE!

Why you need content marketing, how to optimize your content marketing to fit the exact audience you’re looking to attract. Best ways to get your content out in front of the right eyes using our optimized SEO, social media, and paid traffic strategies.

By DigitalMarketer

Offer Optimization


There’s nothing more critical than the offer and how you present it. As a result, you should test, test, test… and then test some more. Walkthrough/checklist of items to test on every offer, no matter how different they are. Comprehensive list of areas where you can test different options so you can craft an irresistible offer.

By Justin Rondeau, marketing leader & tech enthusiast with over 10 years of experience and has trained thousands of marketers in CRO, Analytics, Funnel Architecture, Email Marketing & Marketing Strategy. Currently, Justin is the General Manager for the Scalable Labs and manages several software companies including,,, and powers the technology behind

Editorial Calendar


Create an editorial calendar that will streamline content creation and help maximize the amount of top-quality content on a regular basis. Build an editorial calendar. Resources to write headlines that get attention and clicks. List of blog post ideas.

By Becky Zieber, Content Strategist at DigitalMarketer and in charge of editing and managing the DM blog.

Lead Magnet Builder


How to create a Lead Magnet that drives a steady stream of leads to your business and provide your customers with more value and keep them coming back for more.

By Russ Henneberry, digital marketing consultant, speaker and co-author of Digital Marketing for Dummies. Russ is known for increasing leads, sales and retention for brands like DigitalMarketer, and CrazyEgg.”

Customer Value Journey


If you have even a single customer, a Customer Value Journey already exists for your company. The question is whether you generated that single customer intentionally and, more importantly, could you do it again? And again? And again? Fundamentals of the Customer Value Journey and how it impacts your business as a whole.


By DigitalMarketer

Customer Avatar


There is nothing more important than knowing your customer. Customer Avatar Worksheet: a 1-page document that has everything you need to truly understand who your ideal customers are. What a customer avatar is and the steps to create it so you can finally get clear on who you’re selling to and craft a tailored message for your audience.


By DigitalMarketer

Craft a StoryBrand ™ -Style USP


A unique selling proposition isn’t just about what your product does, its also about what sets it apart and how your potential consumer truly benefits. Without one, your customer will spend all their energy trying to figure out what exactly you can do for them, instead of how they can buy from you. It can be daunting to try to fit all of that into a simple statement that covers every base, but there are some specific strategies from StoryBrand™ CEO and author Donald Miller that can help make it easier.

Competitive Analysis


The steps to perform a competitive analysis so you can keep track of your competitors and leverage any insights you can learn from what they’re doing, without falling into copycat territory.

By Hiten Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of FYI, which is a software service that helps people find their documents in 3 clicks or less.

Market Research


Create a funnel based on actual data and the real purchasing behavior of your ideal customers. Tools to learn more about your market, create ads that align with your customers’ needs, and set you apart from your competition.

By Roland Frasier, co-founder and/or principal of three current Inc. Magazine fastest-growing companies, and he has founded, scaled, or sold 24 different 7 to 9 figure businesses ranging from consumer products to industrial machine manufacturing companies with adjusted sales ranging from $3 million to $337 million.

Blog Content Engine


Create blog content that drives engagement and generates leads. Walkthrough/steps for finding writers for your blog, methods for cranking out blog content quickly, and tactics you can use to monetize your blog.

By Russ Henneberry, digital marketing consultant, speaker and co-author of Digital Marketing for Dummies. Russ is known for increasing leads, sales and retention for brands like DigitalMarketer, and CrazyEgg.”

Instagram Feed


How to craft compelling Instagram feed posts that will help build brand authority, and connect with your audience.

By Shannon Goodell, Social Media Manager at DigitalMarketer, where she works to drive brand awareness and generate engagement on all social channels. A former 10th grade English teacher, Shannon has worked in the marketing field for the past seven years, implementing proven social strategies for startups and large companies alike.

Homepage Builder


Every business needs a high-converting homepage to help drive awareness. Create a homepage with engaging copy and design elements that customers love. That will get customers to stick around and buy. The elements to create a homepage that sells.

By Ryan Deiss, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and one of the most sought-after and dynamic speakers on marketing in the world today. Ryan is the founder and CEO of The Scalable Company, a scaleup accelerator based out of Austin, TX. Ryan is also the founder and CEO of , the founder of , and is also the host and founder of Traffic & Conversion Summit, the largest digital marketing conversion conference in North America.

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