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Over 1k LinkedIn Post Impressions With Less Than 100 Followers [Case Study]

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Customer Intro

B2B service-based client who creates 3R product rendering and animation for other businesses. They have 102 followers on LinkedIn (today, Oct. 29th, 2022).

Problem/ Goal

The client needed to hire someone to manage his social media pages on LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok. Their pages were just created, so they had little to no presence on social media.

I came in to help create content around their services, and tips within the targeted niche, especially to bring in more clients and 3D render artists to join their team.

The client was struggling to build a following and reach more people. The risk with that is that the lack of social proof was hindering their chances of success on social media.

Without a qualified professional, brands fail to build and monetize their audience.

Poor quality content also hinders page conversions.

Bad social media management can cost brands up to 50% of their sales.

So, the initial goal of this project was to:

  • Generate leads/clients

  • Create a more professional appeal for the company


After the onboarding call, we decided to build a social media marketing plan focusing on:

  • Creating informative content for targeted niche -> Will attract the client & followers

  • Find leads under specific hashtags and reach out

  • Target followers of competing consultants

  • Engage with other accounts within the same niche

  • Repurpose YouTube videos into Reels

  • Use Instagram Reels for organic traction -> repurpose reels onto Tiktok

I also created a hashtag strategy plan, which is essential to avoid shadowban.

Weekly post analytics and growth analysis are also part of the service to ensure the client's page stays ahead of the competition.

Results & Benefits

In one of the first months of work, we managed to get over 280 visitors on LinkedIn. That's 3 times the number of followers we had at that point. Our visitor-to-follower rate was at 13,47%. And post impressions reached 1.1k (posting 3 times a week).

Not to mention we also had 11 direct website visitors.

Client's Feedback

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