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More Than 2x'ed Instagram's Reach and Engagement in 2 Months [Case Study]

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Customer Intro

B2C e-commerce client who sells artisanal clothing with over 46k followers on Instagram (today, Oct. 10th, 2022).

Problem/ Goal

The client had problems keeping content engagement up (numbers declined monthly). He needed help to figure out what was wrong and find a way to fix the problem.

Without fixing the problem, the client's page could keep losing engagement and, consequently, reach, organic traffic to his website, and sales.


After careful consideration and analysis, I proposed that we use a dedicated social media scheduling and analysis tool. It would help us find out where the problem was (could be hashtags, the content strategy, posting times, etc.)

Results & Benefits

I took the screenshots below from my Google Sheet content planner, which is also an editorial calendar and has a weekly analytics section (when you request a free quote, you get a copy of the template).

I do it for most of my clients, and it's essential to understand the audience and social media platform behavior.

Left to right, we have:

- The total number of "sends:" if you have 100 followers, and you posted 3 times during that period, it's a total of 300 "sends;"

- Total number of impressions posts had during that specific period;

- Total number of engagements posts had during a specific period;

- Percentage of impressions: for example, if you have 100 followers, and you had 10 impressions, that's 10%;

- Percentage of engagement, taking into account the total number of followers;

- Percentage of engagement accounting for the total number of impressions.

1st month:

2nd month:

3rd month:


Went from 1,50% -> to 2,38% -> to 3,47%

Engagement (1):

Went from 0,05% -> to 0,07% -> to 0,14%

PS: This first engagement metric is based on the page's total number of followers.

Engagement (2):

Went from 3,40% -> to 2,94% -> to 4,07%

PS: This second engagement metric is based on the total number of impressions.

Client's Feedback

Engagement (2) went down (from 3,40% -> to 2,94%) at first. But that's because I was making adjustments, and it took that long for the algorithm to understand that change.

Once settled, engagement (2) went from 2,94% -> to 4,07%.

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