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The Instagram Strategy That Helped us Get Over 1k Followers in 30 Days [Case Study]

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Customer Intro

B2B service-based client who sells consulting sessions. They have over 5k followers now on Instagram.

Problem/ Goal

The client was looking for someone to take over social media operations, mainly to:

- Create content;

- Manage pages (answering direct messages and comments);

- Analyze metrics and report;

- And more importantly (which is the subject of this case study), boost growth and sales.

It took the client over 6 months to reach 200 followers on Instagram. They were getting 5 website clicks (tops) per month.

The lack of clients was putting the client under financial stress, and it could cause them to shut down operations.

The client was considering giving up on their Instagram page and focusing on other platforms/marketing efforts.


After the onboarding call, we decided to:

1. Focus on a plan that really would move the needle for the client and get them leads/deals;

2. Improve the content quality and not worry about quantity for a while;

3. Use tools that allow us to monitor multiple social media inboxes and comments sections in one place;

4. Use tools that help us determine what are the best-performing posts and optimal times;

5. Use content calendars (editorial calendars) to keep track of posts insights (like reach and engagement);

6. Double down on organic tactics that would boost traffic, growth, and deals.

We didn't boost posts, didn't pay influencers, and didn't go viral (not at first, at least).

We only focused on organic and consistent work.

Results & Benefits

After the first 8 months to 1 year of consistent work, some of our posts and videos got pretty good traction (reached "micro" virality).

As you'll on the screenshots below, it had a "cascade" effect. Week after the week, the number of people we reached increased, and so did the number of followers, website visitors, leads, and, ultimately, clients.

PS: The same growth strategy could be applied to any business. Here are a couple of screenshots of another client (a completely different niche):

Instagram Growth Unlocked

The details of the content and growth strategy we used are not secret. As matter of fact, you can have access by signing up for a free trial:

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