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The Simple Facebook Strategy Change That Boosted Our Numbers [Case Study]

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Customer Intro

B2C e-commerce client who sells clothing with over 100k followers on Facebook.

Problem/ Goal

The client needed to hire someone to:

- Manage his brand's Facebook page;

- Create a content calendar (editorial calendar) and content around the company's core values and products;

- Ensure the content strategy implemented would help his brand reach and engage more people.

Without a qualified professional, his brand would fail to reach people on social media and build and monetize its audience.

Hiring an unqualified professional to handle his brand's social media marketing would also lead to poor quality content and hinder page conversions.

Bad social media management can cost brands up to 50% of their sales.


Once the client hired me, and after discussing possible strategies, we decided to focus on a few things:

- On content quality (sharing beautiful cultural pictures with thoughtful captions);

- Creating high-quality product pictures;

- Use tools that help us determine what are the best-performing posts and optimal times;

- Use content calendars (editorial calendars) to keep track of posts insights (like reach and engagement) and optimize accordingly;

Among other tactics.

Results & Benefits

Below I've included a screenshot I took showing insights:

All critical social media metrics went up, from likes to followers, page visits (+52,46%), and impressions (+74,13%).

Client's Feedback

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