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In the beginning...

The first page I (Eliezer Hofstaetter) ever created and administrated was my artist page called Coldbeat. I was an electronic dance music producer back then in 2011-2012. So these were my first steps as a marketer and content creator.

Picture: Local press featuring me and a new song I had just released.


Soon after...

The next logical step was creating my brand, my record label. So in 2012, I started Coldwave Records and shortly after came Ehtraxx.

For both labels, I was the manager, PR, marketer, designer, producer, etc.

Picture: One of my labels was nominated as Best Label of The Year.



What now?

Around the same time I started my labels (2012), I also started freelancing, helping businesses reach more clients using digital tools.

Picture: That's a screenshot from a live chat I had in Feb. 2021. Darcy (on the right) was one of my very first clients outside the music industry. We're still in touch until this day.


What's next?

Recently (around 2020), I realized I needed help. That's how my wife Waldenize ended up working with me. Now I have more time to dedicate myself to my clients, courses, and keep working hard to help them achieve their goals, and helping businesses grow through digital marketing.

Picture: I love having her by my side.

Hope you liked this brief and summed-up story. 💙

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