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Where To Hire A Social Media Manager in 2022

Before you hire a social media manager (or even search for one), it is essential to understand who they are and what they do. Those are the professionals in charge of a brand’s Facebook page and Instagram account, among other channels.

In this digital-first world, their role is becoming more and more vital for the success of any business. Because social media marketers are responsible for many aspects and channels, they’re ultimately the ones conveying your brand's voice on social media.

But the benefits extend beyond that.

Benefits Of Hiring A Social Media Manager

Social media management might seem like an easy job for many people, but it’s not. While some people think that social media marketers only post stuff on social media, there’s a lot more behind that.

Social media marketers put hours of research and creative thinking o their work. Not to mention years of learning, countless courses, and certifications. But benefits are ultimately worth it:

  • Their work is going to save you time to focus on other areas and aspects of your business;

  • They’ll help your businesses stay relevant on social media channels;

  • A Social media manager will keep your pages updated and present on your followers’ and client’s lives;

  • They’ll develop infinite content ideas for your brand;

  • They’ll help you transmit authority in your industry and thought leadership;

  • Social media marketers help you generate awareness towards your messaging, products, and solutions;

  • They’ll engage with potential followers and clients to increase your conversions.

  • Among others.

If you have made it so far, you’re already convinced that hiring a social media manager is the right step for your business. The only question now is:

Where Do I Find A Social Media Manager

Finding a social media marketer these days isn’t so hard. The problem is where to find a GOOD social media manager.

Great professionals aren’t easy to find, especially for such vital tasks. Hire someone who isn’t a PRO, and you’re going to risk putting your brand in the hands of someone that will do precisely the opposite of what I stated above as benefits.

But those are the places you can find social media managers:

  • Upwork or other freelancing platforms;

  • Fiverr, or similar freelancing marketplaces;

  • Facebook groups for social media managers;

  • LinkedIn (use search terms such as ‘social media marketer’);