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Where can you find a good content creator?

There are a lot of good content creators out there.

And it's really not that hard to find them. You can go to:

➡️ Upwork;

➡️ Fiverr;

➡️ LinkedIn;

➡️ Instagram;

➡️ Google search;

➡️ Facebook Groups.

Then, search for any of the following terms:

✅ Content Creator;

✅ Content Marketer;

✅ Social Media Marketer.

You can also play around and combine one or more of those keywords with something more specific to your needs (such as Instagram), and you'll get even better search results.

But finding a GOOD content creator can be challenging because those are usually pretty busy and might not be able to take another client.

Those that DO take a lot of clients (on Upwork, for example, you can see how many clients each content creator has) they're NOT the ones creating the content.

Instead, they just supervise the work other content creators do in their names (in other words, they're agencies).

So, if you're not looking for an agency and searching for a good content creator, look out for those "hidden gems."

Some good content creators might just be getting started, which gives you an excellent opportunity to strike a sweet deal with them.

Does it make sense? Let me know in the comments.

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