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How Do You Choose What Content to Post on Social Media? Part 2

Ok, so you've defined the direction you give to your social media posts keeping your target audience in mind (that's what we discussed in the previous post).

Now what? It's time for the second tip...

Another essential point you should note when choosing what to post on social media is the numbers.

If it's the first time you're experimenting with a post format or a topic, it's natural that you don't have parameters to base your future posts.

In other words, you don't know what result to expect.

But that's why you should take note of your post metrics (or use a software that does).

Take action based on hard data. Keep doing what numbers say is working. Fix or improve what's necessary. And stop wasting your time with the content that doesn't work or doesn't serve your strategy.

Easier said than done, right? I know. That's why marketers exist. Let them do their job while you take care of other business areas.

If you need help to create content for your social media, reach out to us and request a free quote.

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