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What is The Most Popular Content on Each Social Media Platform?

I have worked with social media platforms for over 10 years. One of the jobs I do the most is metrics analysis.

It's not just about posting what you think works - or what other professionals tell you that works. It's necessary to "listen" to your audience through the numbers.

But generally speaking, specific content formats work best for each platform:

🎯 Instagram: Professional photos, educational content, text graphics, inspirational messages, memes, and videos (like Reels and IGTV), usually work best on Instagram;

🎯 Twitter: Sharing links with a short brief and jumping on trending topics is an excellent strategy for Twitter;

🎯 LinkedIn: Long text format (not as long as blog posts, however) works pretty well over there. Sharing outside links with your insights on that topic also work;

🎯 Facebook: Overall, videos with around 3 minutes perform best on Facebook;

🎯 Pinterest: Similarly to Instagram, content that is educational, informational, or inspirational works well there;

🎯 YouTube: Long-form videos focused on educational content usually work best on the platform.

Note that each industry and audience has its particularities. So it's not always that the content that performs best for another brand will work for you.

Keep testing different formats and remember what I said about listening to what metrics tell you.

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