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Step-by-step to Create an Effective Social Media Strategy

Creating a social media marketing strategy for your brand can be challenging.

But it's worth doing, as it will significantly impact your business's success.

If you have no idea where to start, here is a quick step-by-step guide that will help you:

1️⃣ Set your goals - what do you want to accomplish through social media? (e.g., generate awareness, engage with your audience);

2️⃣ Identify your audience - e.g., what are their interests, age range, and job title?

3️⃣ Pick your primary platform - e.g., Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn (note that it doesn't mean you won't use the others);

4️⃣ Check your competitors - take note of who they are, how many followers they have, and what they post on social media;

5️⃣ Choose your content mix - e.g., videos, photos, graphics, stories;

6️⃣ Select the tools you'll use - e.g., Canva and Buffer;

7️⃣ Map your capabilities - e.g., how many people you have to help you, how much money you're willing to budget for your social media management;

8️⃣ Create your calendar.

I hope this post was helpful 🙏

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