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Social Media News Roundup For May 21, 2022

Have you missed any social media updates during the last few days? Let’s find out. Below I’ve listed some of what I believe will be more relevant to you.

Facebook Plans to Shut Down Its Podcast Feature at June 3

Facebook is pulling podcasts and plans to remove them altogether from the social media service starting June 3.

According to a note sent to partners, Facebook will no longer allow users to add podcasts to the service starting this week. In addition, it will discontinue its Soundbites short-form audio product and remove its central audio hub.

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New WhatsApp Feature Coming Soon: Use The Same Account on Two Phones at The Same Time

WhatsApp made using the same number more flexible on multiple devices last year. Now, the messenger is preparing for the next step: allowing the use of an account on two cell phones simultaneously.

The discovery of the update, which is in development, was revealed by WABetaInfo this Thursday (April 28).

Traces of this new feature appeared in version of WhatsApp Beta for Android.

Continuing what was revealed in September by the same website, the clues suggest that the messenger's multiplatform architecture will be updated.

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(Image Credits: WhatsApp)

LinkedIn Introduces Features To Drive Up User Engagement Via Profile Links and Newsletters

LinkedIn's new update is rolling out to millions of users around the globe, and it now offers new options to expand your online presence.

The new update comes with exciting features like showcasing a link in your profile, new analytics tools to get better insights about your posts, inbuilt video trimming feature for smart phones and updated newsletter display options.