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Social Media News Roundup For May 02, 2022

Have you missed any social media updates during the last few days? Let’s find out. Below I’ve listed some of what I believe will be more relevant to you.

Instagram Launches New Tagging Feature

Instagram announced this Monday, 25, the “enhanced tags” feature, which allows the identification of everyone who collaborated to create content.

The new feature makes it possible to visibly disclose the name and profession of the collaborators in Reels and Feed publications.

According to the company, giving due credit to professionals, especially those part of underrepresented communities, is essential to gain more visibility, recognition, and new opportunities.

(Image Credits: Instagram)

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Twitter Might Launch “Best Friends” (Feature Similar to Instagram’s) Soon

The newest feature coming soon is called “Twitter Circle,” which would be similar to Instagram's “Close Friends.” This new feature will make it possible to show posts to a specific group of people.

Nima Owji, an application researcher, leaked an image of an informative interface for the new tool. “Only you and people in your Twitter Circle can see this tweet. Retweet, retweet with a comment, and sharing are not available.

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(Image Credits: Twitter)

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