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Social Media News Roundup For June 23, 2022

Have you missed any social media updates during the last few days? Let’s find out. Below I’ve listed some of what I believe will be more relevant to you.

Instagram is Testing New Feed Format

Instagram, the social network owned by Meta, began testing a new feed format similar to that of TikTok, its main rival and competitor.

The change is part of an attempt by Meta to make the experience more immersive, putting videos at the center of the users' experiences.

In this new feed format, the content is displayed on full screen, with priority given to Reels, Instagram's short video platform that was created to rival TikTok.

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(Image Credits: Instagram)

New Instagram Tool Would Allow You To Place Multiple Links in BIO

Instagram is testing a feature that allows users to include more than one link on their profiles.

This would be a significant change from the platform's strict policy of allowing only one URL in each bio, the famous bio link, which content creators dislike.

According to Business Insider, the test has been running since October of last year. However, a spokesperson for Meta confirmed the tests as being an "initial prototype" carried out only in-house.

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Instagram Tests Option That Hides Follower Count

Instagram has recently started testing a new tweak to its platform that lets you hide a profile's number of followers.

This comes exactly a year after the social network Meta expanded the option that hides the count of likes on posts.

Initially identified by developer Alessandro Paluzzi, the new feature replaces the number of followers on the profile, located between the counts of posts and profiles followed, with the message "Followed by others."

Paluzzi reverse-engineered the official Instagram test app to gain