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Social Media News Roundup For April 29, 2022

Have you missed any social media updates during the last few days? Let’s find out. Below I’ve listed some of what I believe will be more relevant to you.

Twitter May Soon Release a Feature For You to Show How’s Your Mood

Twitter might be working on a feature that will allow users to set a status for their profile. Called "Vibe", the tool would show how’s your “mood” for that day.

The discovery was made by programmer and leaker Jane Manchun Wong, who applied reverse engineering techniques to observe possible features worked on by the Twitter team.

In screenshots shared by Wong, she can see a field labeled "Set a status" just above the tweets’ text box.

(Image Credits: Twitter)

A drop-down list is displayed when the user clicks so that they can set one of five pre-defined vibes:

  • Eating yummy ramen;

  • Driving highway;

  • Shopping grocery;

  • Lurking Twitter;

  • Studying for the final exam.

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Instagram Tests Feature That Allows You to Copy Formats From Other Reels

Instagram has started testing a feature that allows creators to make Reels from existing videos. The idea would be inspired by the TikTok templates, which would enable the user to insert photos and videos in predefined formats.

The option appears just above the user's name, followed by the camera icon and the text "Use as a template." Apparently, only videos allowed by the creator can be set as a template, so complex videos are unlikely to be available for use.

The Templates mode is only available to a small group of creators and is only in an experimental beta phase. The goal is to simplify Reel creation for those less familiar or speed up the creative process with a ready-made template.

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