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Social Media News Roundup For April 23, 2022

Have you missed any social media updates during the last few days? Let’s find out. Below I’ve listed some of what I believe will be more relevant to you.

Facebook Brings Soundbites, Podcasts, and Other Social Audio Experiences to its App

Facebook is developing new audio creation tools for professionals yet simple and enjoyable for the public.

The social media platform has been investing in audio technology for a long time. It will soon be available in a creation tool within the Facebook app.

Thanks to AI advancements, users will be able to record high-quality content even in crowded and noisy areas.

Users would also be able to use Facebook’s Sound Collection Music in the backdrop of a narrative.

Facebook also offers an 'Audio Creator Fund' to support budding audio creators and get early feedback on the new product experience.

Last year, Facebook introduced many new audio features to compete with other music streaming platforms, such as Clubhouse and Spotify. Those features include audio chat rooms, podcasts, and soundbites.

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(Image Credits: Meta)

Instagram is Begging You to Stop Reposting TikToks to Reels

Instagram is making a few new creator-focused changes to its platform, which Instagram head Adam Mosseri said are meant to “make sure that credit is going to those who deserve it.”

He announced three changes: product tags are now available to everyone so that you can tag a product in your post; you can assign yourself to a category like “Photographer” or “Rapper” and have that category show up every time users tag you in a post; Instagram is going to start more heavily promoting original content on the platform.

“If you create something from scratch,” Mosseri said in a video explaining the new features, “you should get more credit than if you are re-sharing something that you found from someone else. We’re going to try and do more to try and value original content more, particularly compared to reposted content.” Valuing original content isn’t a new thing, of course, but Mosseri said Instagram would lean more heavily in this direction.

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