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How I Research Target Audience for Clients to Help Them Succeed on Instagram

My client onboarding process can be different depending on their needs. 🎯

But if there's one thing I always do is target audience research. 📌

Are you wondering how my process works? 🤔

In this post, I'll share with you some of the steps. 😉

✅ If the client has an established brand (with some following), we start by checking Instagram Audience Insights (primarily for demographics);

✅ Then, we look at post insights - our goal is to identify what type of content resonates more with our target audience. If you know what's working, you also know where to find pages that speak to the same target audience;

✅ Checking comments and DMs - can you see who is your target audience and visit their profiles? Who else do they follow, and who do they interact with? Those are their interests.

Each client is different. So these steps above can change. As part of my process, I can also analyze tags and brand mentions, search for relevant hashtags, etc.

Have you ever run a target audience research on your Instagram page? 🗨

Do you have any tips & tricks to share?

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