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Instagram Is Testing Chronological Feed

Updated: May 14, 2022

The new feature began to be released to some users and will reach everyone in the first half of 2022; the application will have three feed display options.

Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Instagram has started testing to bring back the chronological feed to the app, available for Android and iPhone (iOS). The information was confirmed this Wednesday, January 5, 2022, by Adam Mosseri, head of the social network.

According to the executive, Instagram users will be able to choose between three feed options: based on rankings made by algorithms, chronological, and "Favorites" — an unprecedented feature that allows you to view only posts from selected profiles. The update should reach all accounts in the first half of 2022.

On his personal Twitter account, Mosseri posted a video in which he presents the three ways to view the Instagram feed, which are already available to a small number of users: "Home", "Following" and "Favorites".

See What Will Appear In Each Tab

The first mode, which is currently in effect, sorts photos, videos and post recommendations based on an algorithm that "understands" the user's preferences.

The "Following" tab will display the contents in the order they were published. Unlike the algorithmic feed, this tab will not provide post recommendations; only posts made by the accounts the user follows will be shown.

The tab will work exactly like the chronological feed, adopted in the early days of the social network and whose return was much requested by users.

Finally, the "Favorites" section will compile what is being published in a series of profiles selected by the user. The account owner can add profiles of family, friends, or their favorite content creators to the list.

Understanding the Reason for the Change

In the video, Mosseri says the "Home" feed will show more and more recommended content overtime after the change takes place. Instagram's goal is for people to use this tab to discover new profiles.

Algorithm-ordered feed was introduced in 2016 and soon caused complaints from the public, who began to face difficulties locating certain content.

The change also generated a series of speculations about how the social network acted to order the posts and a race of producers to adapt to the new functioning of the platform.