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Do We Offer Instagram Management And Content Creation?

Yes, we do. And check out some of the numbers we got for this client:

And how about this?

Instagram has evolved at an incredible speed in recent months.

If you don't keep up, you will surely fall behind your competitors for customer attention.

But don't worry. It's not CEOs' job to keep track of social media trends and strategies. For this, there are professionals and companies like EH Marketer.

In a summarized way, let's understand how EH Marketer can help you manage content production for Instagram?

✅ Persona definition on Instagram;

✅ Definition of content pillars;

✅ Creation of the editorial calendar;

✅ Definition of the content strategy (taking into account the stages of the customer journey - stages of the funnel);

✅ Setup of platforms, tools, and systems that allow you to follow each step of the work closely;

✅ Search for strategic content;

✅ Elaboration of texts and arts in a way that you can participate closely in the process;

✅ Research and development of a hashtag strategy;

✅ Metric analysis to improve strategies;

✅ Daily, weekly and/or monthly reports;

✅ Community management to improve engagement and relationship between brand, followers, and customers;

✅ Customer support via direct;

✅ Lead generation (increase organic traffic to your Instagram page).

There's so much that can't fit on one list.

Our customers receive a custom plan made to meet their specific needs.

Want to know more? Go to (or click on the link in BIO) and ask for a free quote.