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Instagram Could Soon Let You Edit Your Profile Grid

The feature has leaked, but there is no telling when it will be available.

Twitter: @alex193a

Hugely popular photo and video social network Instagram is reportedly working on a feature that will allow people to edit their profile grids for the first time. Right now, anyone wanting to control which images appear in their grid has to delete or archive the unwanted ones.

According to the mobile developer and code spelunker Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram's already working on a way to better control which images appear in a profile grid without taking the nuclear option of deleting or archiving images.

When Will The Profile Grid Edition Feature Be Available?

There is no indication of when, or even if, this feature will see the light of day. It's a feature that makes a ton of sense, however. Both influencers and brands currently have to remove content to ensure their grids match their look, but that's less than ideal. This change will allow them more control over their profile's aesthetic without losing content along the way.

Judging by the response to Paluzzi's tweet, the prospect of an easier way to edit the grid is one that people are very much behind. So now we need Instagram to get the feature ready for prime time.

Instagram is arguably one of the best apps and only continues to get better — especially following the news that the chronological feed is coming back!


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