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Instagram’s CEO Answers Questions About the App’s Future in 2022

So this week (more precisely, on April 21st, 2022), Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri hosted an AMA on his stories (ask me anything). If you missed it, don’t worry because, in this post, I’ll highlight some information (related to Instagram - and especially the app’s future) he shared with his followers.

Does The New (Instagram) Ranking Apply Only to Stories?

“The ranking change I mentioned where we’re going to do more to value original content is going to apply right now primarily to recommendations; So places like explore and in-feed recommendations where you’re not seeing something because you follow someone but because we thought you might be interested in.”

One Thing to Achieve This Year (2022). What is it?

“I want to simplify Instagram, particularly around video and messaging. It doesn't mean everything else is going to go away. It’s not going to go away, but I think we can simplify the experience.”

Are You Going to Start Tagging Products in Your Posts?

“So this week, we made it so anyone can tag products and posts. I really should. I don’t, though. I don’t really post a lot of pictures of products, but I love to send some love to some amazing creators and just artisans out there.”

Does This (Instagram) Ranking Change Mean I Won’t See as Much Friend Content?

“No, it doesn’t. This ranking change should not affect how much friend content you see. We know people really value finding their friends’ content on Instagram, and we’re going to try to make sure that we connect you as best we can.”

I Keep Getting Hacked (on Instagram) - Is There Anything I Can Do?

“The number one thing you can do to reduce the likelihood of you getting hacked is turn on two-factor authentication. Go to your profile, go to settings, go to security, please turn on two fact.”

Android or iPhone (to use Instagram)?

“I use both. Most of our users use android phones. Most creators use iPhones … so I'm trying to always use both to make sure I know how Instagram is doing in both.”

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