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How to Run a Secure & Quick Test to Tell If You’re Shadowbanned

There's no sure way to tell if you've been shadowbanned.

But there are a few ways and tests you can do to tell if it's happening.

📌 Facebook

Allegedly, this problem could happen to your personal page, business page, or group.

If you'd like to know if you've been shadowbanned, check for a change in engagement levels on your recent posts.

Noticed a recent drop in engagement or impressions?

You could have been shadowbanned. 😕

📌 Instagram

The first way to find out is to use an incognito browser and search for your username like this "@ehmarketer" (including quotation marks).

If your account shows up in the search results, you're probably not shadowbanned.

The second way to see if you've been shadowbanned is to look at your Insights, especially overall reach.

If your reach declined dramatically recently, you might have a shadowban. 😕

📌 Twitter

Try to search in an incognito browser to see if your tweets show up.

Here's how:

1️⃣ Logout of Twitter;

2️⃣ Open an incognito browser and type in //

3️⃣ Search for your user name;

4️⃣ If you see your user name, you are not shadowbanned.

But, pay attention to your engagement because there is a chance Twitter is still reducing the reach of your Tweets.

If Twitter analytics shows a drastic reduction in impressions, there's a good chance your reach has been limited. 😕

💡 But before you make any assumptions, keep in mind this:

On social media, the content that performs typically best are those that inspire, educate, or entertain others.