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How to Figure Out if Your Business Needs More Top, Middle or Bottom-of-the-funnel Content?

Content appropriately balanced and split between the 3 stages of the sales funnel can help a lot to have a sustainable and profitable business 📈

But how can you find out what's missing? 🤔

It takes a lot of testing, but in general, there are a few signals that could give you some clues:

\__/ - Top-of-the-funnel content: Lack of it will hinder your business reach and page engagement on social media. You won't have enough people coming into your pages (to start your funnel)

\_/ - Middle-of-the-funnel content: Not all of your possible clients are aware they have a problem (or that there's a solution for that problem). MOFU content takes them into the consideration stage of your funnel

\/ - Bottom-of-the-funnel content: Now that they're aware they have a problem and that there are solutions out there, you must prove you are the right product or service for them

There are many forms of viewing this process. But overall, this is one of the easiest ways 👍

It's also a lot more complex than this, so let me know if you'd like me to break it down in detail 😉

I hope this post was helpful 🙏

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