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How to Calculate if Your Page's Engagement is Good or Bad?

Social media engagement is one of the most critical online metrics for businesses to track 🔍

That, of course, if you're planning to drive brand awareness, build trust, and convert your audience into buyers

The engagement rate will tell you a lot about your tactics. For example:

➡ Is my audience enjoying what I'm posting?

➡ Does my content successfully educate, inspire or entertain them?

And despite having many different methods of calculating the engagement rate, here's an easy one ⬇

It's called 'engagement rate by impressions' (ER impressions) 📈

The formula: Total engagements on a post / Total impressions *100

Application example from one of the posts I did for a client:

36 (total engagement the post had) / 257 (total impressions that same post had) *100 = 14%

Now, for the one million dollar question: What's a good engagement rate? 🤔

"Most social media marketing experts agree that a good engagement rate is between 1% to 5%" -source HootSuite.

So, if you're between that: you're doing a good job! 👏

If it's above that, it means your audience loves what you're posting 😍

But if you're below that, maybe it's time to evaluate your content strategy 😕

I hope this post was helpful 🙏