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Drive Your Company's Sustainable Growth with a North Star Metric

Don't you know what that term means? 🤔

Let me explain.

📌 North Star Metric is a concept used by companies with breakout growth.

It helps businesses move beyond superficial growth to focus on generating long-term customer retention.

In other words, the North Star Metric best captures your product's core value to customers.

Doubling down your efforts to improve it is key to driving sustainable growth across your entire customer base. 📈

Let's see some practical examples:

➡ Airbnb's North Star Metric is nights booked;

➡ For Facebook is daily active users.

To find out your North Star Metric you must understand the value your most loyal customers get from using your product.

But of course, it has to be something you can quantify the value in a single metric.

Does your business have a North Star Metric? Let me know in the comments 🗨

If you don't, DM me, and I'll help you.

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