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Client Spotlight - Part 1

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Today's the first episode of a new series on our social media pages: The client spotlight!

During these recent years, we had the fantastic opportunity to work with great brands from all over—exceptional companies.

And we are very lucky to work together.

In this first post, we'd like to introduce you @team.hippiepants / @calcathai, an independent, fair trade store for Thai Pants, Shirts, Bags & Kimonos.

Hippie pants reinvented the traditional Thai clothing for modern-day use while still paying homage to historical roots by incorporating Thai visual elements and patterns.

All their products are designed by Thai artisans using locally sourced materials - they only use wood, cotton, or bamboo rayon, making them vegan-friendly and biodegradable.

To learn more about their work, visit (or if you're from Brazil).

At Calça Thai, we help create content for Instagram (mainly feed posts and stories). We also write their newsletters, run influencer marketing, and help with linkbuilding whenever is necessary.

I (Eliezer) am also Calça Thai's social media manager, which means that if you know Portuguese and send us a DM on Instagram, I'm likely to be the one to get back to you. 😉

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