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4 Strategies to Make Your Fintech Content More Engaging

Let's face it: Financial content is often quite dry and doesn't have the same level of engagement as other posts.

Numbers and data aren't always interesting to read, which leads many people to skip them entirely even if they're interested in your products.

For a brand, this is a big disservice.

People are more likely to engage with your content when they like it!

So, today I decided to list 4 strategies that will make your fintech content more engaging:

1️⃣ Know your audience - sounds cliché, but it's true. Copying other brands' strategies and expecting the same results for you won't work.

You have to test tactics yourself and see what resonates and takes you closer to your goals.

But be patient because that's something you won't figure out overnight.

2️⃣ Share customer stories - building trust with prospects can take time. And that is why customer stories are so powerful.

What brand would you trust quicker? One that constantly has to affirm their product is excellent? Or one that shares when customers say positive things about their products?

3️⃣ Leverage audio and video content - US adults spend on average 2:41 hours a day watching videos online or on their smartphone.

People are naturally more prone to engage with audio and video content. It's a format that feels less tedious and more entertaining.

4️⃣ Showcase your team - People want to know who made the product and what inspires them.

If you're transparent with your customers and let them know who's behind your brand, they may be more inclined to engage, trust and buy from you.