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The 3 Stages of Your Business Sales Funnel - And What to do on Each One of Them

You must have heard this over a dozen times: the 3 stages of the social media sales funnel.

And maybe you're still wondering: is that really so important? 🤔


📌 On social media and in your customer's journey, SEQUENCE MATTERS.

You'll get terrible conversions if you send offers to cold leads. Most people are simply not ready to buy from you yet.

But once you properly introduce your brand and make potential buyers engage with you, you'll see better results. 📈

So, here's a quick reminder of what you must do at each stage:

1️⃣ Awareness stage: Introduce your services and products to people while getting them to engage with your branded content;

2️⃣ Consideration stage: Get people to trust your brand and think about how your solutions can address their goals and needs;

3️⃣ Conversion stage: Make an entry point offer to prompt people to sign up for your services or purchase your products.

And make sure you have content that covers each of those stages.

Does that make sense? Let me know in the comments 🗨

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