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Adopt Social Media Marketing to Attract New Consumers

Updated: May 14, 2022

The new Covid-19 scenario forced many entrepreneurs to resource social media to grow. Change to the new market was necessary — but brought many possibilities for small and medium businesses. At least for those who have mastered the use of digital tools such as Social Networks and Digital Marketing ads.

During the pandemic, the Digital Marketing sector grew about 25% a year — according to Jornal O Dia de 10/02/2021. Companies are adapting to maintain contact with their target audience. These efforts bring a lot of flexibility with low investments.

Unlike a broadcast on television, for example, reaching people online can be fairly affordable.

Social Media Marketing is Helping E-Commerce

The main example of growth comes from the e-commerce segment. It was already expanding strongly in Brazil, and the pandemic accelerated it even more. With a significant increase of 41% in 2020, with revenue of R$ 87.4 billion — according to data from the Webshoppers report made by Ebit | Nielsen and Bexs Bank.

The e-commerce segment is just one example. The potential that Social Media Marketing brings — since it is entirely online — is unbeatable. Well-made online communication will work for all business segments.

Digital Marketing has been one of the most positive paths when thinking about an alternative to the crisis due to the new coronavirus. It is clearly visible within the growth of several companies that have adopted this aspect of online advertising.

More Consumers Are Using Social Media on Their Cell Phones

The data makes even more sense when looking at Brazilian society. The number of cell phones is almost double the number of inhabitants, according to FGV-SP. Besides, Anatel claims that there is an increase of 40% to 50% in internet use.

According to data, 98.1% of Brazilians access the internet by cell phone.

Brazil is the 3rd country in the world in which people spend more time in applications. On average, Brazilians spend 3 hours and 40 minutes a day on the internet, according to App Annie 2020 consultancy.

Also, according to the data from this survey, the company that dominates the top of the most used applications is Facebook. More than 130 million Brazilians have an account on the social platform — not counting Instagram and WhatsApp.