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Many small business owners struggle to find qualified professionals to create content on their social media channels. I provide excellent social media content creation services at affordable prices. This way, businesses won't have to worry about their online presence because I'll ensure they have great content on their channels.


STEP 1: Setting up our collaborative workstation

Here is where it all begins, our Trello board. Once we get started, I'll set up one, just like the above. Here's where we'll keep useful resources, where we brainstorm ideas, where you'll see the entire process. Trello is a collaborative tool, so you'll be more than welcome to share your inputs, edit captions and headlines, whenever you feel is necessary.

STEP 2: Defining the content calendar, pillars, strategy, and more

This is what my content planner looks like. Here's where you'll see detailed reports day-by-day on growth, reach and engagement.

STEP 3: Designing artworks and writing captions

Some Artwork concepts. ⬆️

This is what some of our client's Insta feed looks like. ⬇️

Caption Example: I've just recently started offering Akwaterra Massage therapies - where I use warm, ergonomic ceramic tools on the patient's treatment.

But I realized that not everyone knows how fascinating that treatment is.

Want to find out?

All techniques that use changes in body temperature to carry out some treatment are known as thermotherapy.

It is possible to change the metabolic rate through heat, promote muscle contraction, and reduce the elastic resistance of structures such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons, reducing the risk of injuries and ruptures.

It sounds complicated, but suffice to say that the Akwaterra Massage relaxes muscles, releases tension, and helps you to feel well.

But to truly understand what it means, you have to feel it yourself.

Click the link in my BIO and schedule a session.

Caption Example:  It's pretty normal to feel tired, cranky, or in a bad mood sometimes. It's the way your brain processes difficult emotions.

And sometimes, it can be hard to do what you usually enjoy when you're feeling down emotionally.

But, there are some things you can do to improve your mood:

1. Have a good night of sleep. Sleeping at least 8 hours a day is essential for the brain to rest from its daily tasks and carry out it's chemical functions.

2. Get some sunlight. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for the production of serotonin. Some people suffer from "seasonal depression," which affects them in the colder months.

3. Exercise. Physical activity improves mood and acts as a natural antidepressant. It's one of the healthiest ways to increase the production of serotonin, in addition to protecting our cardiovascular system, among many other benefits.

4. Listen to music. It's another activity that inhibits the production of cortisol (stress hormone). So listen to that music that brings joy and good energy. If you want to relax your body and mind, slower songs help as "tranquilizers."

Being constantly in a bad mood could be an early sign of depression. So, make sure you look for help if nothing seems to help.

If you're in [city name], or nearby cities, visit our website [yourwebsite] and feel free to message us; we'll be glad to chat with you.

Caption Example:  Giving timely feedback is crucial for both employees and entrepreneurs - it can affect worker satisfaction and increase employee retention.⁠

Sharing reviews in an accessible way will be the difference between retaining good employees or losing them, and it will play a crucial role in the success of your business.⁠

According to research, only 13% of the 48,000 employees and managers surveyed in 2019 thought their organization's performance appraisal system was sound.⁠

Full article here:⁠

Interested in learning how our [product] solution helps reduce employee turnover, increases engagement, and improves performance outcomes? Visit [website] to learn more.

Caption Example: Hangers are practical, make it easy to see and access your clothes, and keep them organized.

But there are several types of hangers, made of different materials, sizes, and shapes.

Of course, they all serve their purpose - in one way or another - of keeping clothes hanging. But it's worth taking some time and analyzing what the best cost-benefit for your case is.

Do you need some tips choosing your new hangers? Then you're in the right place. Check the carousel and find out.

STEP 3 - Part 2 (Optional): Writing scripts and editing videos

STEP 4: Results and data analytics

Marketing de Conteúdo's Instagram Stats Summary Profile (Social Blade Instagram Statistics
crescimento organico no facebook

I'm a growth and sales-driven marketer. The above are organic (no paid ads) growth stats for one of our clients. Over 50% growth on Instagram and over 30% growth on Facebook. That page/business has a very narrow and specific niche (small up-and-coming businesses, within a specific region). Contact me if you'd like to know what your growth potential is.

PS: Screenshot taken from, a social media analysis tool.

Instagram Viral Video.jpeg
TikTok Viral Video.jpeg

PS: Screenshot taken from Instagram and TikTok analytics.

You don't need to dance or jump into random TikTok and Instagram trends to go viral. Our focus is to deliver real VALUE through the content we make.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-12 at 14.12.53.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-03-12 at 14.12.53 (1).jpeg

"I strongly recommend Eliezer, as he is an excellent professional and we had good communication. My project involved managing an Instagram with the development of content in English, and I was delighted with the results; the artwork and the content of the posts were excellent. Eliezer adapted very quickly to the proposed themes, and he also had great suggestions because this type of work requires the collaboration of both parties to have good results. Thank you. "

Rodrigo A.

"Eliezer is helpful, patient, and very dedicated! He has an intelligence that is admirable, and it's surprising how he gets the information to carry out projects, quickly and efficiently. I'll definitely do more work with him, people like that are rare!"

Taylana H.

"Eliezer is very professional, attentive, committed, and meets the deadline. I will definitely do new work with him."

Elen T.

"One of the most professional Freelancers I've worked with. Eliezer is thoughtful, thorough, organized, and capable! I highly recommend him!"

Cleberson B.


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